We worked with Hoyts to develop a working brand package and set of mixed IDs to help with the launch of their LUX Cinemas.

The project began with the creation of the 3D Lux Cinema ID. This piece needed to be in line with cinema openers and a progression of the Hoyts Cinema IDs. We focused on the Lux cinema brand, drawing it down to the single hexagonal shape.

The project then extended into the animation and motion development of LUX’s already developed master brand. It’s often a challenge adapting an existing brand that hasn’t necessarily been developed for motion or screen based communications. Hoyts LUX needed to make a statement, not only about the consolidation of its premium cinema offering but also to mark itself as a point of difference from its competitors. And so, an upbeat, energetic and vibrant approach was taken to the moving image communications. While working within their existing brand framework we needed to create something that felt premium but was also completely approachable and not too exclusive. LUX intends for all people to have a great, entertaining night out with friends at an affordable price and so that was what we focused on. We were really happy with the outcome that now means LUX¬† has a strong platform for their brand in motion and a great foundation for growth in future executions.

Hoyts / Lux Cinemas


Tim Clapham

ISM Studios