About KinThings


We are a boutique creative studio specialising in branding, visual communications, content creation and moving image production. Creative to our core, we strategically develop and produce design-driven solutions and experiences for use across all media.

With over 20 highly-awarded years in the television, advertising, entertainment and motion design industries our experience is varied and extensive. We explore and identify your project’s needs, then help you to communicate, grow and succeed through award-winning design, strategic creative and efficient production.

Our service range includes, but is not limited to:
strategic creative direction, branding, design, motion graphics, animation, directing, live-action production, photography, post-production, live event creative, content creation (video, digital, social) and campaign creative production across all media and applications.

We work with clients of all scales, from global brands, businesses, agencies and broadcasters to small productions and startups. We also provide specialised design services, directing and creative consultation to other creative businesses and studios. We firmly believe in the strength of collaborative work and enjoy working with other creative teams.

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We always want to explore, create and deliver the best creative for our clients without hassles. No ego. No bullshit.

Character matters. People matter. Stories matter. Results matter. Listen, explore, express and help. Celebrate others.

Do good things. Create good things. Kin Things.

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Sometimes, a project needs us to flex that little bit further. At these times, we draw upon a selective network of strategic partners and highly skilled specialists that we partner with to meet the very specific or more diverse needs of a brief.

This includes partnerships with brand strategists, digital gurus, social wizards, app developers, audio magicians and music makers… amongst others. Collaborative processes that draw upon leaders in their fields always most efficiently achieve magnificent results whilst maximising budgets big and small.

Nathan Drabsch

Creative Director

Nathan is a highly awarded Creative Director, Director & Designer who has directed, designed, animated, branded and created communications for an array of international brands, broadcasters and agencies.

He embraces creative problem solving and strongly believes in open, equal creative partnerships. He is passionate about strategic brand thinking, good design, meaningful stories and connecting with people through striking, sophisticated visual experiences.

Within his 20 years of experience, Nathan helped establish two of Australia’s leading design and motion graphic studios (Tactic and The DMCI), guiding teams of up to 20 creatives and working across local and global projects for broadcasters, agencies, B2B, commercial and retail clients. His work has been globally recognised, evidenced by the accumulation of over 80 International Awards as well as being featured throughout the world at festivals, conferences, exhibitions and within various publications. All of this has afforded him opportunities to share and present on creativity, design, branding & motion graphics at conferences in New York, Singapore, Johannesburg, Sydney & Melbourne.

Nathan has an interest in new media, experiences and emerging technology. This has led him (and Kin) to work in the startup world, leading pitch, brand, marketing and comms development and growth for emerging startup business. This is all combined with a personal passion for social entrepreneurial ventures, pursuing the greater good through sustainability, ethical practice and social justice.

Nathan is open to all forms of collaboration, discussion and discourse… a solid surf, family and friends, music and a good laugh don’t go astray either.



+61 417 465 504


Brecon Littleford

Creative Director

Brecon is a highly regarded and awarded creative, who has carved a path through the broadcast arena as Creative Director, Director & Designer.

Brecon is a hands on creative. A talented designer, illustrator, photographer and storyteller, he uses these skills to forge the backbone of both his design and directing pursuits. His unique outlook and creative thinking provides solid ammunition to creative problem solving. Brecon has been the other half to a highly successful creative partnership with Nathan that stretches over 10 years and has earned him a bucket load of awards and internationally recognised work.

Always captivating people with tales of his travels and intriguing life, Brecon lives and breaths storytelling. This, combined with a highly skilled sense of design provides him with all the tools needed for effective communication.

When he isn’t making things move or look good, he can be found up a cliff climbing the $#*! out of it.



+61 418 616 836




ANZ GOLD – Best On-Air Branding Design (OoH) for SBS WORLD MOVIES
ANZ GOLD – Best On-Air Branding Design (OoH) for TVH!TS
ANZ GOLD – Best Original Logo Design for History Channel H100

WORLD GOLD – Art Direction & Design: Promo Campaign for CBS Eyecon
WORLD SILVER – Marketing Video for CBS Eyecon
WORLD BRONZE – Promo Campaign (OoH) for CBS Eycon

WORLD GOLD – General Branding/Image for Fox Classics
WORLD SILVER – Design for Fox Classics
WORLD SILVER- Kid’s Programming Spot for Nick Jr
WORLD BRONZE – General Branding/Image Campaign for Fox Classics

ANZ GOLD – Most Outstanding Promo of the Year (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Most Outstanding Design in Promotion (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best TV Image Campaign (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best TV Image Promo (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best On-Air Branding Design (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best On-Air Ident Design (OoH) (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best CG Animation (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best Design Without Footage (Fox Classics)
ANZ GOLD – Best Promo Not Using Program Footage (Fox Classics)


LOGIE Nomination – Nickelodeon ‘Play Along With Sam’
GOLD AEAF (Australian Effects & Animation Festival) Award – Motion
QANTM CREATE Design Award / Desktop Magazine – Motion
ASTRA Award – Most Outstanding Channel Image Spot (Fox Classics)


Prix Ars Electronica
Pixellerie Fine
TAAFI – Stash Best VFX
International Melzo File Festival
Liberarti Festival
Olympics ICCI 360 Visual Arena
Nasjonalgalleriet – ‘The National Gallery’ Norway


VIMEO Staff Picks – Future Proof & AEON
STASH 87 & 89 – Fox Classics & Future Proof
Computer Arts Collection
Desktop Magazine
How Magazine
Digital Media World

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