As a CommBank service provider and partner to the CommBank Creative Services Team we have the ongoing opportunity to work across an incredibly diverse range of projects. Originally coming on board 2 years ago, as a moving image and production partner, our expertise has led to involvement across Brand, Digital, TVC and Campaign creative.

As a reflection of our flexible approach, we’ll find ourselves working on very specific and directed creative or developing full creative through to production and creative execution for larger campaigns, initiatives and projects.

We’ll develop key creative ranging from illustrative key art, photography, design, animation, live action production, directing, edit and post production. We also provide script writing and copy as may be required.

CommBank recently explored updating their brand and we were commissioned to bring the brand to life. We developed the approach to the Brand in Motion and the Motion Best Practice and working Motion Toolkit which included templates, assets and direction for the use of motion elements and the development of new brand expressions an interpretations. The toolkit has rolled out for use by Commbank and CBA creative partners and is being used cross all motion communications.

Alongside this we also developed a Brand Photographic Library which reflected the updated brand values and approach to photography. We fully produced and post-produced the creation of an 80 hero-image library with the supply of over 3000 additional graded images to supplement. Our subjects were developed to reflect the diverse pillars of the bank and the diversity of their customer base. The brand library will be used across various platforms and inform the future use of photography for the bank.

Below is a minor selection of work produced, covering all platforms and variations for comms & campaign reach. This includes specific content across all social platforms and internal communications.

CommBank - Brand Photography Library (Digital)

CommBank - Australian Women's Cricket TVC & Digital Content

CommBank - Brand Motion Architecture and Toolkit

CommBank - Youth 'First Jobs' Digital & Social Content

CommBank - Essential Super TVC, Print & Digital Campaign

CommBank - Financial Wellbeing HR Product Video

CommBank - Case Study Customer Stories / Online Content

CommBank - Messaging Animations

CommBank - Young Adults Financial Campaign / Video, Illustration, Digital, Social & Print

CommBank - Home Loan Protection Product Videos