Following a hotly contested international pitch, Kin Things and collaborative partners MKB Creative landed the gig of branding and launching a lifestyle channel for the New Zealand market called LIVING Channel. Inspired by the beauty, textures and colours inherent in the NZ landscape, we created a strategic branding package for on and off air that revitalised the brand and inspired the audience to embrace all things LIVING.

LIVING Channel is part of SkyNZ’s channel offering. It is a lifestyle channel, specifically developed for the New Zealand audience and allows parent broadcaster Discovery Channels to continue to offer diverse and tailored content to this region.

Our brief was very specific; develop a unique and striking brand identity that rolls out across all platforms as a large yet simple channel brand package that can also be broken into the channels content pillars of Gardening, Antiques, Craft, Renovation & Makeover, Premium Property and Buying and Selling.

We focused on a varied colour palette drawn from the tones and hues of the New Zealand landscape, combined with textural image plates and a simple navigation slide system that developed into a modular channel package kit that covered all programming pillars whilst remaining unified.

A sophisticated logo form reminiscent of lifestyle and home decor magazines that could sit across a diverse package. The logo needed to work in the client specified yellow, as well as variations across the brand assets.

Drawn from the NZ landscape we dug deeper and created content pillar specific colour combinations that set the foundation for identifying the breadth of programming. The client specified the need to use ‘yellow’ as a core brand colour.

We created an enormous library of both still and moving imagery to use throughout the on and off air packages. Shooting in NZ provided an authenticity that the client (and audience) desired.

We developed a simple slide device that provided the ‘navigational’ element throughout. With limited mastering abilities and a multitude of assets due to pillaring of content, ease of use was essential and thus this modular system evolved. Simple slides and panelling of colour blocks, textural details and programming imagery are combined and work in a way to provide seamless break structure.

We created a series of IDS and ID cutdowns that focused on each programming pillar. The IDs explore varied subject matter as defined by the client and utilise the panel/slide technique to provide interesting and colourful ID content. Further to the IDs we developed sets of Channel Bumpers and pieces of content called ‘Fillers’ that allow for inconsistent break ‘gaps’ to be plugged up with channel branded content. Tricky little things to work out.

All of this needed to be condensed into a stylish brand document that communicated the brand messaging, identity and rules of engagement as such. With such a big kit of parts, it pays to be thorough and prescriptive.

This very specific brand package rolled out in 2015 as part of Discovery Channels diversification in the Australia/New Zealand markets.

SkyNZ & Discovery Channels Asia/Pacific

Chris Leow

Kin & MKB Creative

MKB Creative