We were asked to design the on and off-air brand identity and brand packaging for Foxtel GE channel, TV H!TS. The result, an incredibly effective launch, huge increases in ad sales and global award recognition! Boom.

TVH!TS ethos is to be “a fun, vibrant channel that is an easy one-stop shop for the tv hits we love to love.” Due to the channel’s vast library catalogue of television favourites such as Seinfeld, Friends, CSI and How I Met Your Mother it was identified that playing on nostalgia whilst being contemporary, fresh and vibrant was essential. Great television memories make us feel young again and by making the TVH!TS brand somewhat effervescent, we would capture an audience both young and old making TVH!TS the easy choice for viewing. In a nutshell, it needed to be your default channel to watch. Enjoyable, upbeat, dependable.

TVH!TS needed to roll out as a new channel on the Foxtel platform with an initial message of “Your new destination”.  The goal was to design a friendly and inviting look and feel that made content and show titles the hero. We wanted to give the channel a real personality and make the viewer always feel welcome.

We created a strong and playful brand mark that stands out on the Foxtel platform. Typography plays a key role for both consistency and considered variety.

The channel was designed so that the viewer experience felt like all content was part of an endless library of great memories. Package elements slide seamlessly into one another so that everything on the channel feels like it belongs together and creates a sense of flow within break structures. Content is hero with little need to ‘sell’ the shows given how familiar and loved they are. We explored the use of ‘sound bites’ and ‘quotes’ to help enforce recognition and draw attention to the screen that delivered essential viewing information. The exclamation mark in the logo takes on its own identity, further broken down by using the ‘period’ or dot as a constant device to guide our navigation further.

It was deemed useful to develop a hero ID that drove new channel awareness and acted as an enabler for the migration of viewers. We wanted to showcase the catalogue whilst also making the brand known. We wanted it to be an enjoyable piece of viewing… that you could whistle along with, getting you in the mood for the TV!TS experience. Concepts developed around a visual journey through the TVH!TS catalogue. We were inspired by the Rube Goldberg device concept which worked well with extending the use of the logo animations and following the journey of our logo ‘dot’ through the TVH!TS world.

The channel developed it’s personality and we extended the ‘welcoming’ factor into programming periods, creating salutatory bumpers and messaging tools for the morning, afternoon, evening and late night. All part of extending the brand experience.

The potential for increased ad sales was identified and we strategised and developed on air systems that allowed for easy packaging of ad space and integrated marketing initiatives. This proved to be incredibly successful as our tools worked in securing revenue and translating brand partners messaging to the audience.

This was a great project to work on and we were stoked to be awarded the 2014 GOLD Promax for BEST CHANNEL DESIGN!


Foxtel / TVH!TS

Uriah Blair

Gab Ayoub


ISM Studios




2014 GOLD Promax for Best On Air Branding Design